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From Local Nursery to National Brand: The Remarkable Journey of Planteezy

Welcome to the inspiring journey of Planteezy—a story that began with a local nursery and blossomed into a nationwide sensation.

Not long ago, Mr. Shymnath Kumar, the owner of a local gardening store, approached 7 Iris Studio for assistance with catalog photography to boost sales via WhatsApp. However, our collaboration took an unexpected turn when we proposed transforming his business into an online store and a brand that could reach a wider audience. Mr. Kumar embraced the idea wholeheartedly.

Within a swift 30-day period, Planteezy emerged— a platform dedicated to simplifying the art of planting. The brand's tagline, "Planting. Simplified," encapsulates its essence.

Our involvement in shaping Planteezy spanned diverse tasks—from naming the brand and crafting its website to capturing striking visuals, crafting engaging content, devising sustainable packaging solutions, and enhancing its digital presence through SEO and social media management.

Packaging the variety of plants proved to be a unique challenge. Yet, our commitment to sustainability led us to create robust, eco-friendly packaging that echoed Planteezy's dedication to quality and environmental consciousness.

While 7 Iris Studio has nurtured numerous brands, Planteezy holds a distinct place. It signifies more than a brand launch; it symbolizes a transition from a local establishment to a brand resonating with homes and businesses nationwide.

Pritesh S Gawande, the visionary behind 7 Iris Studio, takes immense pride in Planteezy's journey. It's more than a brand; it represents accessibility and enjoyment in the world of gardening.

Our work with Planteezy is an ongoing endeavor. As the brand continues to flourish, our commitment remains—to make the joy of planting accessible and delightful for everyone.

Planteezy isn't just about plants; it's about fostering an accessible, enjoyable, and impactful gardening experience for all. Join us as we continue to cultivate this green journey.

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