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About Us

7 Iris studio is a company formed by Pritesh s. Gawande in 2014 to bring the best professionals together under one roof to create the best possible outcome. More than 500 artists work for 7 iris studio as freelancers all over India. 7 Iris studio is a hub for fresh talent. 7 Iris studio is the one-stop agency for all your creative visual needs. With over six years of successful ventures into Maharashtra's fast-advancing photography, film production, and advertising industry, our team always succeeds in finding new ways in creating innovative visionary Concepts to communicate the value of a wide range of products and services catered to the needs of our customers. We carefully listen to our client's demands and provide our Advise to create the most ideal product. Our focus is on you, our valued client. Everything we do is centered around the fact that we want your media content to be perfect and impressive not just today but forever. We strive to achieve clarity and simplicity in our business practices. Rather than overwhelming our clients with a plethora of choices that often result in endless decision-making, our offerings are straight-up and hassle-free. We have set the vision for ourselves to achieve the highest standards of quality and service at a reasonable price. Always up-to-date in terms of using the latest technology, we keep ourselves updated with the latest knowledge, equipment, techniques, and news to stay ahead in our industry. Our team members have pursued expertise in various fields and have been working in the industry for a long time. We lead in the product, e-commerce, fashion, beauty, editorial, portraiture, commercial, and advertising photography. Our facility is equipped with high-end cameras, such as Sony, Nikon, and Canon and we often use medium format cameras as per clients’ needs; we have advanced lighting systems for photography and clean, comfortable studios. Commercial and advertising photography —Actors, models, products, buildings, merchandises, food, artifacts, and landscapes - is used for promotional purposes in books, reports, advertisements, catalogs, etc. Commercial and advertising photographs are typically used entirely in the retail and wholesale sectors and as sales materials or promotional efforts. In commercial and advertising photography, the entire photoshoot is devoted to photographing a particular product. The difference between commercial and advertising is simply that advertising is not just about selling the products, but it also includes lifestyle, concepts, and ideas. In short, photographers follow the ideas of the client for commercial photography, however, they create the concept for advertising. We provide the physical basis for work in the realms of performing arts, new media art, film, television, radio, and video. Our team promises outstanding international standards and high-quality delivery for television commercials, short clips, movies, documentaries, and music videos, industrial videos, etc.

About The Founder


Pritesh Gawande is a fashion, portrait, and product photographer, cinematographer as well as photography mentor with over 10 years of experience. He teaches photography in various institutions as a guest faculty and also organizes his specialty photography courses at PAPA. He has organized numerous photography workshops across Maharashtra . He has guided more than 250 students to date and the number is growing day by day. Pritesh has worked on many documentaries, short films, advertisements, and music videos as a lead cinematographer. He has developed his style of visuals in the last few years and his clients love it. He is one of the well-known fashion and product photographers in Maharashtra. Pritesh is a master of playing with light, making it his specialty. He has honed his skills in capturing the perfect shot by manipulating light in creative ways. His unique style involves a minimalist and abstract approach, resulting in stunning visuals that stand out from the crowd.

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